Velocity Trades 100% Deposit Bonus

Velocity Trades launch a new promotion for all new customer 100% deposit bonus. Activate 100% withdrable deposit bonus and make your trading x2 more efficient.

Bonus Link – Velocity Trades 100% Deposit Bonus

Special Bonus Requirements

  • Create an account in our website for real money. (link to create account)
  • Go to your client portal and verify your account by upload your KYC details.
  • Fund your account in your client portal by clicking Deposit option.
  • Choose the type of deposit and the amount.
  • After your deposit is ready contact support on chat or email and get your bonus.

Terms and Conditions

  • The customer is able to obtain the bonus only once and only for one account per person.
  • All bonuses will be canceled after the first withdrawal.
  • If the customer has multiple accounts, the bonus can be obtained only for one account.
  • Only one bonus will be credited for an IP address. If the bonus is credited to two (or more) accounts opened from one IP, the bonus amount will be canceled from all accounts except the account for which the bonus was first requested.
  • An internal transfer between accounts is not counted as a deposit. Therefore, the request for a bonus cannot be submitted for a deposit made by internal transfer.
  • To get the 50% withdrawable bonus, the customer must fund their account and submit a bonus claim to the support service.
  • Only closed transactions that are not zero will be considered.
  • If the account assets (equity) decrease to reach the level of the bonus amount, the positions will be closed automatically.
  • Withdrawals from the trading account, including transfers between accounts or a transfer of assets to the balance of the Merchant’s Office, are prohibited until the conditions of the lots are met.
  • If funds are withdrawn from the trading account before the lot conditions are met, the bonus will be recovered. If Velocity Trades suspects that the client is abusing or attempting to abuse the rules of the offer, the company reserves the right, at its own discretion, to refuse, suspend or recover the 100% withdrawable bonus and, when strictly necessary, lock customer’s account; trading will be banned, transactions will be canceled, initial deposit will be returned by bank transfer.

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