BIBFX In Chinese $28 CashBack

BibFX Launch a new promotion for new clients. $28 CashBack In Chinese. Open an account with BibFX, Found and get the best rebate.


Join Link – BIBFX $28 CashBack In Chinese

28 USD/lot will be returned upon closing, unconditional rebate, and no total limit :

BIBFX · Emperor Royal Global
  • $28/hand point difference rebate
  • No capital injection threshold
  • No lot limit
Platform A
  • Basic rebate of $20/lot
  • Monthly injection of $10000
  • $26 point rebate
  • $26 spread rebate for transactions over 1000 lots
Platform B
  • Basic rebate of $23/lot
  • Need to invest $20000
  • $28 point difference rebate
Platform C
  • Basic rebate of $15/lot
  • Need to invest $10000
  • $25 spread rebate

$28 CashBack Terms and Conditions

Yes , You can withdraw it after trading condition have been meet.

General terms and conditions apply.

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